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How to Properly Pour and Finish Concrete

How to Properly Pour and Finish Concrete

When you want to pour and finish concrete, there are certain methods you must follow to ensure the surface is perfect. Whether you’re pouring a slab for your kitchen or bathroom, or laying an outdoor patio, there are several things you can do to ensure the finished product is smooth, even, and durable.


When it comes to pouring and finishing concrete, you want to be sure to make the right moves. Using the wrong tools can result in a weaker finish. You can avoid this by using the correct tools and taking the time to learn more about each one.

The most basic concrete finish is a smooth surface. This is achieved by using screeds or trowels.

While you’re at it, you can also use a float to level the concrete. Floating is not only important to smooth out the slab, but it can also improve the durability of your concrete by removing humps and imperfections.


Screeding when pouring and finishing concrete is a simple process that can be accomplished with a variety of different tools. The first step is to plan ahead and make sure the concrete will arrive in the proper form. If not, the job can be dangerous. It’s also important to have the proper materials.

Concrete screeds are typically made of steel or aluminum. They smooth out the surface of the concrete and allow for a flat, even finish. Some models are motorized, making the screeding process more efficient.

Laser screeds are popular on large projects. These machines are easy to use and are powered by gasoline or diesel engines. They can be ride-along, telescopic or a combination of the two.


Bull-floating is an important process when pouring and finishing concrete. This process eliminates small imperfections in the surface. It also helps to remove ridges left by screeding operations.

There are several kinds of floats available. You can use a hand held float or a powered float. Hand held floats are generally used for smaller jobs. If you are working on a large project, a bull float is recommended.

A bull float is a long metal float with a handle. They are typically three to ten feet long. Their handles are typically made of aluminum or fiberglass. The handles are threaded on or snap on. These handles make it easy to reach large areas without knee boards.

Hand troweling

Concrete troweling is a process used to smooth out concrete after it has been poured. This can be done by hand or with a trowel machine.

Troweling is also known as finishing. Concrete troweling is a skilled craft that requires dexterity and patience. It helps to remove air pockets that can cause cracks and weaken the surface.

Before starting to pour or finish concrete, you should wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from dust, dirt, and other particles. Also, ensure that your tools are clean and ready for use. You can also buy a trowel machine if you are working on a larger project.

Floating removes marks left by edging

One of the more enjoyable aspects of this hands on experience is laying eyes on a polished concrete slab for the first time in years. To the uninitiated eyeball, the concrete can be a bit of a snort. Luckily, a little bit of elbow grease goes a long way and a plethora of swag aficionados at your beck and call. Getting the snobs to get their wits out is as easy as a well designed game plan. Having a list of preapproved guests in the fold is a good start to a happy and healthy home. This is where the aforementioned etiquette and a few well placed pranks can do wonders. Lastly, a nice set of mates in tow can be a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

Putting an even, smooth finish on the slab

If you’re working on a project that requires putting an even, smooth finish on the slab, there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to get the job done. Using the right tools can be the difference between a good finish and a great one.

First, you want to level your concrete. Leveling is important because it will help you achieve a smooth, even surface. A leveling trowel will help you achieve this.

Next, you’ll want to use a broom to smooth the edges of the slab. A broom will not only provide a non-slip finish, but it will also do a good job of roughing up the surface.

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